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Considering the wavefront error of KH(2)PO(4) (KDP) crystal is difficult to control through face fly cutting process because of surface shape deformation during vacuum suction, an error compensation technique based on a spiral turning method is put forward. An in situ measurement device is applied to measure the deformed surface shape after vacuum suction,(More)
A new nonaqueous and abrasive-free magnetorheological finishing (MRF) method is adopted for processing a KDP crystal. MRF polishing is easy to result in the embedding of carbonyl iron (CI) powders; meanwhile, Fe contamination on the KDP crystal surface will affect the laser induced damage threshold seriously. This paper puts forward an appropriate MRF(More)
Potassium dihydrogen phosphate (KDP) crystals used in high power laser systems require high figure accuracy. Deformation caused by vacuum suction is one of the most significant factors affecting the final surface figure accuracy. It is difficult to compensate the error caused by the suction deformation when using a single point diamond flycutting method.(More)
Currently, ion beam figuring (IBF) technology has presented many excellent performances in figuring potassium dihydrogen phosphate (KDP) crystals, such as it is a noncontact figuring process and it does not require polishing fluid. So, it is a very clean figuring process and does not introduce any impurities. However, the ion beam energy deposited on KDP(More)
KH<sub>2</sub>PO<sub>4</sub> (KDP) crystal is a kind of excellent nonlinear optical component used as a laser frequency conversion unit in a high-power laser system. However, KDP crystal has raised a huge challenge in regards to its fabrication for high precision: KDP crystal has special physical and chemical characteristics. Abrasive-free water-dissolution(More)
A new nonaqueous and abrasive-free magnetorheological finishing (MRF) method is adopted for processing potassium dihydrogen phosphate (KDP) crystal due to its low hardness, high brittleness, temperature sensitivity, and water solubility. This paper researches the influence of structural characteristics on the surface roughness of MRF-finished KDP crystal.(More)
As a kind of important nonlinear optical element, KDP crystal has great demand in the inertial confinement fusion system. Based on the dissolution mechanism of solid materials, the factors that affect the material removal rate of KDP crystal in magnetorheological (MR) water-dissolution polishing are investigated to improve the machining efficiency. It is(More)
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