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Quantum simulation of frustrated Ising spins with trapped ions
Here, a quantum simulation of frustrated Ising spins in a system of three trapped atomic ions, whose interactions are precisely controlled using optical forces is realized, finding a link between frustration and ground-state entanglement.
Onset of a quantum phase transition with a trapped ion quantum simulator.
This work simulates the emergence of magnetism by implementing a fully connected non-uniform ferromagnetic quantum Ising model using up to 9 trapped (171)Yb(+) ions, providing a critical benchmark for the simulation of intractable arbitrary fully connected Ising models in larger systems.
Quantum simulation of the transverse Ising model with trapped ions
Crystals of trapped atomic ions are among the most promising platforms for the quantum simulation of many-body quantum physics. Here, we describe recent developments in the simulation of quantum
Large-Scale Quantum Computation in an Anharmonic Linear Ion Trap
We propose a large-scale quantum computer architecture by more easily stabilizing a single large linear ion chain in a very simple trap geometry. By confining ions in an anharmonic linear trap with
Temperature-driven structural phase transition for trapped ions and a proposal for its experimental detection.
A finite-temperature phase diagram is determined for trapped ions using the renormalization group method and the path integral formalism and an experimental scheme is proposed to observe the predicted temperature-driven structural phase transition, which is well within the reach of the current ion trap technology.
Quantum simulation and phase diagram of the transverse-field Ising model with three atomic spins
Abstract : We perform a quantum simulation of the Ising model with a transverse field using a collection of three trapped atomic ion spins. By adiabatically manipulating the Hamiltonian, we directly
Scalable quantum computing stabilised by optical tweezers on an ion crystal
As it has been demonstrated that trapped ion systems have unmatched long-lived quantum-bit (qubit) coherence and can support high-fidelity quantum manipulations, how to scale up the system size
Sharp phase transitions in a small frustrated network of trapped ion spins.
It is shown that, for a frustrated fully connected Ising spin network represented by trapped atomic ions, the competition between different spin orders leads to rich phase transitions whose sharpness scales exponentially with the number of spins.
Superfluid shells for trapped fermions with mass and population imbalance
We map out the phase diagram of strongly interacting fermions in a potential trap with mass and population imbalance between the two components. As a unique feature distinctively different from the
Characteristics of Bose-Einstein condensation in an optical lattice
We discuss several possible experimental signatures of the Bose-Einstein condensation (BEC) transition for an ultracold Bose gas in an inhomogeneous optical lattice. Based on the commonly used