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The inertia weight is often used to control the global exploration and local exploitation abilities of particle swarm optimizers (PSO). In this paper, a group of strategies with multi-stage linearly-decreasing inertia weight (MLDW) is proposed in order to get better balance between the global and local search. Six most commonly used benchmarks are used to(More)
Inertia weight is one of the most important parameters of particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm. Based on the basic idea of decreasing inertia weight (DIW), two strategies of natural exponential functions were proposed. Four different benchmark functions were used to evaluate the effects of these strategies on the PSO performance. The results of the(More)
The performances of various optical systems are inevitably influenced by mechanical vibration. In order to compensate the pointing errors of the light-beam caused by the mechanical vibration in long-distance light-beam transmission systems, a new scheme of light-beam stabilizing control is presented, which uses two position sensitive detectors to detect the(More)
MTUS1 (microtubule-associated tumor suppressor 1) has been identified that can function as a tumor suppressor gene in many malignant tumors. However, the function and mechanisms underlying the regulation of MTUS1 are unclear. In the present study, we reported that miR-19a and miR-19b (miR-19a/b) promote proliferation and migration of lung cancer cells by(More)
Conductor galloping may cause flashovers and even tower collapses. The available conductor galloping monitoring methods often employ acceleration sensors to measure the conductor translations without considering the conductor twist. In this paper, a new sensor for monitoring conductor galloping of transmission lines based on an inertial measurement unit and(More)
Many studies about the compliant mechanisms has been done and most of them are planar configurations. Spherical linkages, as a transition between planar and spatial linkages, play an important role in the modern precision instruments and robots. In this paper, we explore spherical linkage designs from available compliant planar linkages with a method based(More)
In traditional rear trunk lid designs, extra devices (e.g., hydraulic actuators and spring mechanisms) are employed to compensate the lid weight and reduce the efforts for both opening and closing it. Such devices often consist of a number of parts, thus leading to high costs for manufacture, assembly and maintenance. In this paper, we designed a compliant(More)
Hybridization is a useful method to enhance the performance of particle swarm optimizer (PSO). In this paper, a novel particle swarm optimizer (NHPSO) combining PSO with a constriction factor (CF-PSO) and the fully informed particle swarm optimizer (FIPSO) in cycles is proposed, in order to balance the convergence speed and search accuracy. Six most(More)
Inertia weight is one of the most important parameters of particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm. We introduce a self-active inertia weight strategy, in which the inertia weight is updated according to the convergence rate of the search process related to the optimized function. Four different functions were used to evaluate the effects of these(More)