Guimei Wang

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In the coal mine water level control systems, because the variables are non-linear, time lagged and uncertain, it is not possible to establish the mathematical model precisely. This article combines the intelligent control with the traditional automatic control device. According to the principle of the fuzzy control and the characteristic of PLC, designing(More)
In automatic coal mine drainage control systems, the number of working pumps are defined according to parameters such as water level and its change rate. But it is difficult to establish the mathematical model precisely, because the variables mentioned above are non-linear variable parameters. Classical control has not been able to satisfy the high accuracy(More)
Mine elevators are large electromechanical equipment with integration of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic parts, bearing the task of carrying material, equipment and personnel between ground and below ground levels. The mine elevator is the spine of the underground mining industry. At present, a great deal of elevating equipment on active service in(More)
The pump is one of the key equipments for the safety production of coal mine. It bears the important task to discharge all the underground water. However, the performance efficiency of the water pump will be declined, in the long run. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety production, users should check and test the pump performance regularly ,to test if(More)
Shotcrete operation in coal mine face will produce a large number of cement dust. One of the main dust production equipments is concrete spraying machine. In order to decrease harm effectively from cement dusts generated in the coal mine face. Dust removal technology of concrete spraying machine is researched in the paper, and a new dust removal system is(More)
In the monitoring system of mine pump, one of important parameters is the water level of sump. When monitoring the water level, usually two different types of liquid-level sensor are used to obtain the value of the liquid level and then the method of sensor threshold is adopted to judge whether the water level beyond the limitation. The method just simply(More)
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