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Prefrontal cortical dopamine (DA) regulates various executive cognitive functions, including attention and working memory. Efforts to enhance prefrontal-related cognition, which have focused on catecholaminergic stimulant drugs, have been unsatisfactory. Recently, the demonstration that a functional polymorphism in the catecholamine-O-methyltransferase(More)
BACKGROUND Prior studies suggest that the amygdala shapes complex behavioral responses to socially ambiguous cues. We explored human amygdala function during explicit behavioral decision making about discrete emotional facial expressions that can represent socially unambiguous and ambiguous cues. METHODS During functional magnetic resonance imaging, 43(More)
Increasing demands for conflict detection and for allocation of attentional resources increase the need for attentional control. While prior evidence suggests that different cortical regions are preferentially engaged by these two attentional processes, the effect of increasing demand for conflict detection and/or allocation of attentional resources has(More)
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