Guilmer F. González Flores

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We present a new adaptive-harmonic structured grid generation method. It is based on a functional that shares a common set of minimizers with Ivanenko’s harmonic functional [9]. An unconstrained optimization process related to a continuation parameter is used to guarantee the convexity of the grid cells. Several numerical examples of grids generated on(More)
The present work shows two approaches to the generation of orthogonal or quasi-orthogonal grids applying similar techniques to those implemented by Barrera-Sánchez and Tinoco-Ruiz [Ph.D. Thesis, CIMAT, 1997] on the construction of smooth and convex grids, considering linear combinations of functionals defined over the grid as little perturbations to(More)
The deployment of smart metering in Brazil is still initial and various technological and social issues need to be discussed before the decision on how the vast meter park should be. The purpose of this study is to analyze smart meters on the perspective of each side interested in its adoption in the Brazilian electric sector. We analyze the comprehensive(More)
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