Guilllermo Lopéz

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Most Colombian populations stem from the admixture of Caucasians, Amerindians and Negroids. In the world, these two latter ethnical groups show a significantly higher prevalence of epilepsy than the former one. We tested the hypothesis that the high prevalence of idiopathic epilepsy with generalized tonic clonic seizures found in the Antioquian population(More)
Recent developments in pharmaceutical technology have facilitated the design and production of modified release formulas for drugs whose physical, chemical or biological properties impede release and thus might compromise their efficacy or safety. One such drug is morphine, whose short half-life requires repeated doses at short intervals. The use of(More)
Acute liver toxicity caused by carbamazepine is a well known though infrequent event. Severe toxicity with hepatocellular insufficiency is even more rare. A case is presented of a patient who suffered of partial epilepsy on treatment with valproate and carbamazepine, who was admitted because of severe acute liver insufficiency attributable to carbamazepine.(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop an artificial neural network to predict significant fibrosis (F≥2) (ANN-SF) in HIV/Hepatitis C (HCV) coinfected patients using clinical data derived from peripheral blood. METHODS Patients were randomly divided into an estimation group (217 cases) used to generate the ANN and a test group (145 cases) used to confirm its power to(More)
Inflammatory bowel disease commonly affects women with child-bearing potential, and clinical activity extent is most relevant at the time of conception. Below, we report on the case of a 19-year-old woman who was admitted for first-trimester metrorrhagia and fever, with various extraintestinal manifestations, mainly including erythema nodosum and(More)
From February 1988 to May 1994, 31 patients (pts) with the established diagnosis of locally advanced (IB-IIA bulky,IIB,III,IVA) or recurrent cervical carcinoma were treated with simultaneous chemotherapy (CT) and external beam radiotherapy (RT) followed by radical surgery (RS) with or without intraoperative radiation therapy boost (IORT) to the high risk(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study the determination of the stability of an oral morphine hydrochloride solutions. METHOD Determinations of a concentrated morphine solution of 4 mg/ml and the impact of two temperatures, 4 degrees C (refrigerator) and 25 degrees C (room) was analyzed via spectrophotometric measurements. RESULTS Findings showed the high(More)
The use of sera mixtures for the detection of HIV antibodies was studied in a population of low prevalence (0.006%), using the diagnosis systems of national production: Recombinant HIV UMELISA and RECHIV 1 + 2. The systems were evaluated with individual samples and mixtures of 5 and 10 sera from healthy blood donors and from HIV-1 and/or HIV-2 positive and(More)