Guillermo del Campo

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— Energy Efficiency is one of the goals of the Smart Building initiatives. This paper presents an Open Energy Management System which consists of an ontology-based multi-technology platform and a wireless transducer network using 6L0WPAN communication technology. The system allows the integration of several building automation protocols and eases the(More)
Ligand-induced conformational changes of GroEL alone and with bound rhodanese, citrate synthase, or dihydrofolate reductase were studied by limited proteolysis. Similar digestion patterns of GroEL, with or without bound substrate polypeptide, were obtained in the absence and presence of the chaperonin ligands, K+, Mg2+, or ATP. The rates of formation and(More)
Cerebral vasculopathy is a serious but uncommon complication of varicella-zoster-virus (VZV) infection. Diagnosis is based on a recent history of VZV infection, signs and symptoms of transient ischemic attack or stroke, and vascular anomalies on neuroimaging. We report a case of postvaricella cerebral angiopathy in a 5-year-old child, who was admitted after(More)
Visible Light Communications (VLC) make the most of the fast switching times of LEDs to transmit information. High transmission rates have been achieved with different modulation schemes as CSK or OFDM. However, the main asset of LED lamps, which is energy efficiency, has been overlooked. In this paper we analye how the modulation schemes affect the energy(More)