Guillermo Zea-Flores

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BACKGROUND Elimination of onchocerciasis (river blindness) through mass administration of ivermectin in the six countries in Latin America where it is endemic is considered feasible due to the relatively small size and geographic isolation of endemic foci. We evaluated whether transmission of onchocerciasis has been interrupted in the endemic focus of(More)
In Latin America, onchocerciasis is targeted for elimination by 2012 through twice-yearly mass treatment of the eligible population with ivermectin. In Guatemala, two of the four historical endemic foci have demonstrated elimination of transmission, following World Health Organization guidelines. Using established guidelines ophthalmological, serological,(More)
An open clinical trial of amocarzine was carried out in onchocerciasis patients in Ecuador and Guatemala. Administration after food was more effective than that during fasting. The most effective and best tolerated regimen, 3 mg/kg twice daily after food for 3 days (in 312 patients), killed 73% of 1477 female worms at nodulectomy 4 months after treatment.(More)
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