Guillermo Vallejo-Seco

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The current report assesses the clinical, functioning and demographic data of a cohort enrolled in the P3 prevention program for psychosis; a Spanish National Health System and Ministry of Science funded program. Comparisons are made between those individuals who had converted to psychosis and those who had not at 3years after an average of 24 treatment(More)
It is known that expression of glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP) as an astrocyte-specific marker can be regulated by levels of circulating gonadal steroids during postnatal development. In addition, astrocytes play an important role in the physiology of the hippocampus, a brain region considered sexually dimorphic at the neuronal level in rodents. To(More)
BACKGROUND Mental health consumers invite us to abandon the pathology model, which is tied to pessimism, and instead to embrace a model of personal recovery that goes beyond being free from symptoms, and involves self-management of the illness. The Stages of Recovery Instrument (STORI) is a measure developed from the perspective of consumers according to a(More)
tems as related to brain function by most researchers. In this regard, little attention is currently paid to the nonneuronal cellular components of the brain, which outnumber neurons by a factor of ten. Particularly, among glial cells, astrocytes have been attributed considerable functional significance in the developing and mature central nervous system(More)
Despite depressive symptoms being very common among smokers from the general population, few studies have examined the effects of depressive symptoms on smoking treatment outcomes, and even less research has been carried out in the context of contingency management (CM). The authors conducted a secondary analysis to assess the interrelation between(More)
Protein synthesis activity in the hepatic lobes in control and end-to-side portacaval shunt rats was studied by assaying one of the argyrophilic components (Ag-NOR) of the hepatocytic nucleolus. The differences found in the area and number of Ag-NOR for each nucleus and in the percentage of Ag-NOR area to nucleus area in each hepatic lobe in control rats as(More)
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