Guillermo Vázquez González

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One of the most important factors that directly affects the quality of health care is patient safety. Minimize the occurrence of adverse events is one of the main challenges for health professionals. This requires continuous tracking of the patient by different areas and services, a process known as traceability and proper patient identification and(More)
This work presents the integration of the RFID technology with the aim of ensuring the traceability of patients and minimization of adverse events during the process of prescription-validation-elaboration-dispensation-administration of medication by means of the implementation of various passive and active WIFI RFID systems in the Pharmacy and Day Hospital(More)
It is a challenge to integrate RFID technology into the healthcare sector to increase security by obtaining traceability of patients during their hospital stay. In this case, RFID provides arange of technical architectures for implementing an RFID system. The installation or use of the WIFI network available in a hospital is a possible element in system(More)
At present, one of the primary concerns of healthcare professionals is how to increase the safety and quality of the care that patients receive during their stay in hospital. This is particularly important in the administration of expensive and high-risk medicines with which it is fundamental to minimize the possibility of adverse events in the process of(More)
Most of the information collected in different fields by Instituto de Investigación Biomédica de A Coruña (INIBIC) is classified as unstructured due to its high volume and heterogeneity. This situation, linked to the recent requirement of integrating it to the medical information, makes it necessary to implant specific architectures to collect and organize(More)
On daily procedures, companies and organizations produce a wide quantity of data. Medical information doubles every five years approximately, and most of this information has no structure and cannot be utilised. Information obtained during Primary Health Care (PC) consultations is expected to be standardized and organised following instructions made by(More)
ACHEGAMED is an unsupervised real-time patient monitoring system, with the goal of decreasing the exam and diagnosis time of the most prevalent diseases in today's healthcare services. We developed, as a component of ACHEGAMED, a system for storing a wide range of biomedical parameters as ISO 13606 extracts. The system is able to detect clinical alarms in(More)
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