Guillermo Rodríguez-Ortiz

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This paper describes a methodology based on 40 criterions as well as a mixture of MCDM methods to evaluate different technologies applied in modern training systems. The criterions are grouped in a three-dimensional (3D) model in accordance with their use and application in training processes. The proposed 3D model includes the Management (M), the(More)
As the use of web grows, organizations are increasingly choosing to use it to provide their services. The modeling process is a previous step in the systematization of a process. Due to the great number of modeling tools in existence, it is necessary to identify the information that tools allow to specify. A set of concepts is proposed to evaluate modeling(More)
Enterprise systems are an important topic for business modeling techniques currently. Due to the focus on business process and its usefulness in different business improvement methodologies, the process modeling has gained prominence in the information systems modeling area. Several modeling techniques have been proposed to fulfill the objective of(More)
Feature selection is a crucial activity when knowledge discovery is applied to very large databases, as it reduces dimensionality and therefore the complexity of the problem. Its main objective is to eliminate attributes to obtain a computationally tractable problem, without affecting the quality of the solution. To perform feature selection, several(More)