Guillermo Roberto Mendoza

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This study developed and evaluated the performance of prediction models for asthma-related adverse outcomes based on the computerized hospital, clinic, and pharmacy utilization databases of a large health maintenance organization. Prediction models identified patients at three- to four-fold increased risk of hospitalization and emergency department visits,(More)
Effective management of populations with asthma requires methods for identifying patients at high risk for adverse outcomes. The aim of this study was to develop and validate prediction models that used computerized utilization data from a large health-maintenance organization (HMO) to predict asthma-related hospitalization and emergency department (ED)(More)
Immunologic parameters including quantitative and qualitative immunoglobulin studies, various T cell functions and neutrophil chemotaxis were evaluated in two patients with the Hyper-IgE syndrome. Both exhibited pruritic dermatitis in locations atypical for atopic dermatitis, marked elevations in serum IgE levels (to 40,000 IU/ml), recurrent staphylococcal(More)
The binding constants of rat and mouse IgE to normal and neoplastic rat and mouse mast cells have been measured. None of the cells distinguishes between rat and mouse IgE. Rat normal and neoplastic mast cells and mouse mastocytoma cells show very similar binding properties: k1 approximately 10(5), k-1 approximately 10(-5) and, therefore, KA approximately(More)
Five children (aged 11 to 19 years) with lifelong chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis had 12 episodes of esophageal and/or laryngeal candidiasis documented by endoscopy. Symptoms included hoarseness (8/12), dysphagia (6/12), and hemoptysis (1/12). There was poor correlation between oral lesions and esophageal or laryngeal involvement. On fiberoptic endoscopy,(More)
Cord basophil preparations from 53 term neonates were studied for various factors affecting immediate hypersensitivity reactions including: basophil IgE receptor density and histamine releasability following incubation with calcium ionophore A23187, zymosan-activated serum (C5a), and anti-IgE. Basophil histamine content (geometric mean, 0.4 pg/basophil,(More)
OBJECTIVES Effective outpatient care is believed to prevent hospitalization and emergency department (ED) visits resulting from childhood asthma. The aim of this study was to suggest priority areas for intervention by identifying outpatient management practices associated with the risk of these adverse outcomes in a large population. METHODS This(More)
Cultured murine mastocytoma (AB-CBF1-MCT-1) cells were stimulated to release endogenous or incorporated histamine or serotonin by an IgE-mediated mechanisms without loss of viability. Stimulation was achieved by incubation of the cells with rat IgE-anti-IgE, rat IgE-anti-light chain, fluoresceinated rat IgE-anti-fluorescein, IgE-enriched mouse(More)