Guillermo R. Bossio

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A scheme for diagnosis and identification of mechanical unbalances and shaft misalignment on machines driven by induction motors is presented in this work. Fault identification is performed using unsupervised artificial neural networks: the so-called Self-Organizing Maps (SOM). The information of the motor phase current is used for feeding the network, in(More)
Broken rotor bars in induction motors can be dependably detected by analyzing the current signatures under sufficient motor load conditions. Detection becomes less dependable under light motor load conditions. There are also cases in which tolerable motor operating conditions generate current signatures similar to those of motors with broken rotor bars.(More)
In the present work the model of an electromagnetic device that corresponds to an electric machine with stator core fault is presented. The acquisition process of the mathematical model and the equivalent Bond Graph model is based on its Magnetic Equivalent Circuit derived from the idealized physical system. From the experimental results, the non-linear(More)
[4] C. Desai and S. S. Williamson, " Optimal design of a parallel hybrid electric vehicle using multi-objective genetic algorithms, " in Proc. [9] J. Scordia et al., " Global optimisation of energy management laws in hybrid vehicles using dynamic programming, " Int.tion of power management in an hybrid electric vehicle using dynamic programming, " Math. A.(More)