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BACKGROUND Denture stomatitis is associated to Candida albicans, different bacteria and other co-factors such as an acid pH, a carbohydrate ingestion increase, different systemic illnesses and(More)
A 13-month prospective multicenter study including 44 hospitals was carried out to evaluate the epidemiology of Candida parapsilosis complex candidemia in Spain. Susceptibility to amphotericin B,(More)
The usefulness to diagnose and monitor invasive candidiasis (IC) using beta-glucan (BG) and antibodies against Candida albicans germ tubes (CAGT) was evaluated in a twice-weekly screening of 35(More)
There is a clear need for the development of a rapid and reliable test for the identification of Candida dubliniensis and for the discrimination of this species from Candida albicans. In the present(More)