Guillermo P. Podestá

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Simulated outcomes of agricultural production decisions in the Argen-tine Pampas were used to examine " optimal " land allocations among different crops identified by maximization of the objective functions associated with expected utility and prospect theories. We propose a more mathematically tractable formulation for the prospect theory value-function(More)
[1] We propose a semiparametric multivariate weather generator with greater ability to reproduce the historical statistics, especially the wet and dry spells. The proposed approach has two steps: (1) a Markov Chain for generating the precipitation state (i.e., no rain, rain, or heavy rain), and (2) a k-nearest neighbor (k-NN) bootstrap resampler for(More)
We investigate the effects of various types of atmospheric aerosols on satellite-derived sea surface temperature (SST) retrievals. The association between aerosol presence identified by the Earth Probe Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS) aerosol index (AI) and systematic errors in Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) Pathfinder SST(More)
In many places, predictions of regional climate variability associated with El Niñ o Southern Oscillation (ENSO) phenomenon offer the potential to improve farmersÕ decision-making, i.e., mitigate negative impacts of adverse conditions or take advantage of favorable conditions. However, various conditions must be met for a forecast to result in enhanced(More)
The growth and differentiation of normal and neoplastic epithelial cells may be regulated by the presence of adjacent normal tissues and cells, particularly stromal fibroblasts. However, the influence of normal fibroblast-tumor cell interactions on the response of malignant epithelial cells to radiation has not been adequately investigated nor has the(More)
The sensitivity of CERES-Maize yield predictions to uncertainty in a set of soil-related parameters and solar radiation was evaluated in Pergamino, in the Argentine Pampas. Maize yields were simulated for Pergamino using a 31 years climatic record for a range of values of a group of important model input variables. The input variables considered (and the(More)
A micro-level agent-based model of innovation diffusion was developed that explicitly combines (a) an individual's perception of the advantages or relative utility derived from adoption, and (b) social influence from members of the individual's social network. The micro-model was used to simulate macro-level diffusion patterns emerging from different(More)
Keywords: Ownership effect Goals Land use decisions Decision-making Environmental attitudes Social dilemma Argentina a b s t r a c t The psychological influence of ownership, albeit well studied in the lab, is less understood in the field. We examine its influence on agribusiness goals and decisions in the Argentine Pampas. Study 1, a survey of(More)