Guillermo Pérez de Lucía

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The incidence of trocar site hernia (TSH) after laparoscopic ventral hernia repair (LVHR) is reported to be low. The present study investigates the associated risk factors, with a view to preventing this complication. A retrospective study was made of the incidence of TSH in a personal series of LVHR, recording anthropometric and clinical data on the(More)
The use of fibrin for mesh fixation in laparascopic hernioplasty has theoretical advantages in that it could result in reducing postoperative pain. The objective of this study is to demonstrate this improvement in postoperative pain with the highest level of evidence possible. Unicenter single surgeon prospective randomized double-blind study of(More)
The early analysis of pigmented skin lesions is important for clinicians in order to recognize malignant melanoma. However, it is difficult to differentiate it from benign skin lesions due to their similarity based on their appearance. Since melanoma has a tendency to grow inside the skin and the depth of penetration of light into the skin is wavelength(More)
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