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In the data privacy context, specifically, in statistical disclosure control techniques, microaggregation is a well-known microdata protection method, ensuring the confidentiality of each individual. In this paper, we propose a new approach of microaggregation to deal with semantic sets of categorical data, like text documents. This method relies on the(More)
We present in this paper a decentralized architecture to correlate alerts between cooperative nodes in a secure multicast infrastructure. The purpose of this architecture is to detect and prevent the use of network resources to perform coordinated attacks against third party networks. By means of a cooperative scheme based on message passing, the different(More)
In this paper we introduce the problem of providing privacy preserving information for Web indexing, classification, and other information retrieval task. Web pages are represented by a frequency term vector that preserves k-anonymity for all the Web pages. This vector can then be used, for example, to build indexes of classifiers. Our proposal makes use of(More)
Healthcare is information driven and knowledge driven. Good healthcare depends on making decisions at the right time and place, using the right patient data and applicable knowledge. Communication is of utmost relevance in today's healthcare settings, in that delivery of care, research, and management all depend on sharing information. The proposed system(More)
The anonymization of query logs is an important process that needs to be performed prior to the publication of such sensitive data. This ensures the anonymity of the users in the logs, a problem that has been already found in released logs from well known companies. This paper presents the anonymization of query logs using microaggregation. Our proposal(More)
Web search engines gather information from the queries performed by the user in the form of query logs. These logs are extremely useful for research, marketing, or profiling, but at the same time they are a great threat to the user's privacy. We provide a novel approach to anonymize query logs so they ensure user k-anonymity, by extending a common method(More)