Guillermo Martínez-Mata

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Angiomyxolipoma is a rare tumor characterized by a proliferation of adipose tissue associated with a myxoid stroma and multiple vascular channels. To date, ten cases of angiomyxolipoma located in subcutaneous tissue, spermatic cord and subungual area have been reported in the literature. We describe the clinical and histopathologic findings of the first(More)
Dear Editor, Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) has been used for diagnosing tumours, infectious diseases and reactive disorders and can be useful for staging malignancies and monitoring recurrences. The chronic infectious conditions most associated with enlarged cervical lymph nodes include tuberculosis, actinomycosis, paracoccidioidomycosis(More)
Lingual congenital cysts are uncommon lesions that alter the functions of speech, swallowing and breathing when they have considerable dimension. They usually appear from birth and increase in size gradually in childhood and adolescence. While there are a considerable number of case reports, the nomenclature and origin of this lesion are controversial.(More)
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