Guillermo Licea

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Emotions play an important role in human interaction. Both, our own emotional state and our perception of that of others with which we collaborate influence the outcome of cooperative work. With the growing interest in providing computational support for the recognition and representation of emotions, there is a clear interest in adding such facilities to(More)
Synchronous collaborative applications have varying demands of network service requirements, such as bandwidth, latency, or in general Quality of Service (QoS). Based on the number of active members, floor control and focus of attention, the low-level control of these parameters can overwhelm the developers of these systems. To address this problem we have(More)
In this paper we present a method for face recognition combining modular neural networks and two interval type-2 fuzzy inference systems (FIS 2) for face recognition. The first FIS 2 is used for edges detection in the training data, and the second one to find the ideal parameters for the Sugeno integral as a decision operator. Fuzzy logic is shown to be a(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSN) are an emerging technology based on the progress in digital electronics, micro-electromechanical systems and wireless communication science in the last decade. These advances have made possible the development of low power sensing devices with short range wireless communication capability at low cost. Business Week has stated(More)
The adaptive sequencing of learning objects defines the order in which topics (and didactic resources) in a course will be presented to learners, considering for this their previous knowledge and their particular goals. Once a sequence is proposed each topic can be supported by different didactic materials, the system must select those that are appropriate(More)
Programming Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) involves learning very different programming paradigms from those commonly used in the development of computer systems. Due to the lack of advantages obtained from the last generation high level programming languages, the growth of WSNs is significantly impeded. Programming WSN nodes requires knowledge of specific(More)
Recent advances in communication and Wi-Fi mobile technology has led the Wireless Local Area Network to become more ubiquitous. These networks provide a potential infrastructure that enables the indoor location estimate for users who wear wireless devices such as smartphones. This infrastructure goes beyond GPS (Global Position System) where signal is weak(More)
World records for men's and women's (anaerobic) 200 meter dash are 19.67 and 21.9 seconds respectively. Here the transphosphorylation mechanisms are operative and not the glycolytic anaerobic and aerobic ones. The purpose of this paper is to try to find molecular differences during the neuro-muscular sexual differentiation in the Wistar rat. Creatine kinase(More)
The development of groupware is a complex endeavor due to several inherent features not present in single-user applications. To address this complexity many authors have presented useful platforms that permit the reutilization of code to facilitate the implementation of groupware applications. However, design reusability could be of greater value than code(More)