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Glyphosate (GLP), the active ingredient of many weed killing formulations, is a broad spectrum herbicide compound. Wistar rats were exposed during 30 or 90 days to the highest level (0.7 mg/L) of GLP(More)
The high level of resistance to the macrocyclic lactones has encouraged the search for strategies to optimize their potential as antiparasitic agents. There is a need for pharmaco-parasitological(More)
The activities of different xenobiotic-metabolizing enzymes in liver subcellular fractions from Wistar rats exposed to a glyphosate (GLP)-based herbicide (Roundup full II) were evaluated in this(More)
Different pharmacological approaches have been used in an attempt to increase the systemic availability of anthelmintic drugs. The comparative effect of the itraconazole (ITZ)-mediated modulation of(More)