Guillermo Gutiérrez

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In this paper, it is described a method of curved ray tracing capable of depicting phenomena that arise, under certain conditions, when light propagates through an inhomogeneous atmosphere. As an example application the distortions in the spherical shape of the sun during sunsets are modelled, including split suns, flattened suns and double suns.(More)
This work shows an extension of dual-modifier adaptation methodology for RTO to reduce the infeasibilities. The main idea is to add a PI controller that is activated only when the measurements shows a violation in the constraints. Since the dual problem is solved to estimate the gradients of the process, an additional controller must be considered in order(More)
Medication errors are a major cost to health care systems. Two major causes of these error are mis-written prescriptions and inaccurate interpretation of prescriptions by patients. We created a two-sided iOS application, which encourages accurate prescription writing without the use of forms, and provides explicit medication instructions to patients through(More)
This paper studies a new shape representation for object correspondence. It relies on the division of complex objects into elementary regions and their description in terms of a graph. Each node in the graph is associated to a region and contains its shape information. This shape information is represented using Fourier descriptors. Links in the graph are(More)
The following paper presents a mathematical formulation for the synthesis of heat exchanger networks (HEN’s), taking into account different types of heat exchangers (HE’s) and several conditions of operation. The model is developed using a disjunctive formulation into a preexistent multiperiod model. The Multiperiod-Disjunctive-MINLP was tested in an(More)
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