Guillermo Fuenmayor

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Linear growth retardation and anemia are the most prevalent nutritional problems in the world; effective interventions are urgently needed. We evaluated Ecuador's National Food Nutrition Program (PANN 2000) that included a micronutrient-fortified complementary food (FCF), Mi Papilla, in poor periurban and rural communities of Ecuador. The program is(More)
OBJECTIVE We measured iron bioavailability of meals based on wheat flour consumed by a vulnerable population in Latin America. METHODS Bioavailability of iron (ferrous sulfate) from fortified noodles, noodle soup, noodle soup eaten with lemonade sweetened with panela (unrefined whole cane sugar), bread alone, and bread consumed with a chamomile infusion(More)
BACKGROUND Breast-conserving surgery (BCS) may sometimes lead to deformities in the remaining breast. Oncoplastic surgery (OPS) aims to improve our aesthetic results even in the case of major volume resections. The purpose of this study is to provide an objective evaluation of our initial experience with OPS, mainly based on the levels of satisfaction(More)
This one-dimensional thin-layer chromatographic method is used for assay of phospholipids in the gastric aspirate of newborns. The solvent mixture (chloroform/hexane/methanol/glacial acetic acid/water, 12/7/4/3/0.3 by vol) completely resolves lecithin, sphingomyelin, phosphatidylinositol, phosphatidylserine, phosphatidylethanolamine, and(More)
BACKGROUND Randomized controlled trials have shown inconsistent responses of childhood pneumonia to the use of vitamin A as an adjunct to the standard treatment of pneumonia. OBJECTIVE We evaluated the effect of a moderate dose of vitamin A as an adjunct to standard antimicrobial treatment on the duration of respiratory signs in children with pneumonia.(More)
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