Guillermo Enriquez

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This paper presents folded surface detection and tracking for augmented maps. For the detection, plane detection is iteratively applied to 2D correspondences between an input image and a reference plane because the folded surface is composed of multiple planes. In order to compute the exact folding line from the detected planes, the intersection line of the(More)
From new hardware arise possibilities to develop novel methods of monitoring human behavior. In this paper we present a low cost system using two RGB-D cameras in a 3m × 8m space. Using developed software, we are able to easily collect, combine, visualize, modify, and analyze data. To validate the system, we measured human behavior in a walking experiment(More)
Humanoid and walking robots have been widely developed and their use in human environments is not far out of reach. The main problems in practical applications of machine walking are energy consumption, complex control and design, and high cost. The main feasible indoor application of a walking machine is that of a humanoid robot as a companion, nurse,(More)