Guillermo E. Santamaría

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Nitric oxide (NO) is a small gaseous molecule, with a free radical nature that allows it to participate in a wide spectrum of biologically important reactions. NO is an endogenous product in plants, where different biosynthetic pathways have been proposed. First known in animals as a signaling molecule in cardiovascular and nervous systems, it has turned up(More)
Nitric oxide in plants may originate endogenously or come from surrounding atmosphere and soil. Interestingly, this gaseous free radical is far from having a constant level and varies greatly among tissues depending on a given plant's ontogeny and environmental fluctuations. Proper plant growth, vegetative development, and reproduction require the(More)
This paper deals with the implementation of an auto-tuning method for fractional order P I λ D µ controllers using a PLC. The purpose of the auto-tuning method proposed is to ensure a robust performance of the controlled system with respect to plant gain variations. Specifications of gain crossover frequency and phase margin are fulfilled, together with the(More)
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