Guillermo Cortés-Robles

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CRM 2.0 is a business philosophy whose purpose is to involve the customer in the business in order to provide value of mutual benefit. CRM is supported by two main elements: a technological platform and social features; in this chapter both elements are covered. An overview of different Content Based Images Retrieval (CBIR) algorithms, with the aim to(More)
This paper analyzes the effects of environmental elements on the psychological characteristics and performance of employees in manufacturing systems using structural equation modeling. Increasing the comprehension of these effects may help optimize manufacturing systems regarding their employees' psychological characteristics and performance from a(More)
Innovation is a complex process which is impelled by several economic vectors, but it is also a process that involves creativity to get started and a vast knowledge diversity to be crystallized in new products (manufactured goods or services) or processes accepted in a market. Innovation is then a social activity that demands a collaborative environment(More)
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