Guillermo Arana

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The relationship between psychoactive drug abuse and psychopathology is complex. There have been few systematic explorations of substance abuse in psychiatric populations since the recent epidemic of cocaine abuse. To update and further explore the relationship between psychiatric illness and substance abuse, 100 consecutively admitted patients to an(More)
OBJECTIVES No universally accepted methods for objective evaluation of the function of the Incident Command System (ICS) in disaster exercises currently exist. An ICS evaluation method for disaster simulations was derived and piloted. METHODS A comprehensive variable list for ICS function was created and four distinct ICS evaluation methods (quantitative(More)
To determine if serum prolactin levels were correlated with the level of depression in an ambulatory medical clinic population, prolactin was measured by immunoassay in all new medical patients completing the Langer Scale and the Popoff Index of Depression. Thirty-four of 71 patients (48%) were found to be depressed with a positive Popoff Scale. There was(More)
This study examines the relevance of reinforcements available to the addict in five critical stages of his career to his success on methadone maintenance. In-depth focused interviews were held with 30 addicts who had completed a program of methadone induction and who were characterized by social worker's evaluations as Successful, Marginally Adjusted, or(More)
The life-styles of addicts who are Successful, Marginally Successful, and Failures in a methadone maintenance program are examined by in-depth interviews in five time periods-early family life, the preheroin period, late heroin, premethadone, and methadone maintenance. The hypothesis is confirmed that the more the methadone patient has managed to develop a(More)
Adalimumab, an anti-tumour necrosis factor agent, especially used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, has a good safety profile. One of the most common side-effects of adalimumab is the development of autoantibodies. Despite the induction of autoantibodies, the clinical presentation of immune-mediated complications upon adalimumab therapy, including a(More)
A review of inpatient satisfaction data for MUSC provides both comfort and cause for additional study. Although overall satisfaction rates of 89 and 88 during the period of organizational change indicate stable patient perceptions, one must reflect upon these scores in greater detail. For example, although survey response rates in the 36 percent to 28(More)
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