Guillermina Dalla Salda

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Combination of native pastures with fast-growing tree species (mainly Pinus spp.), may be an interesting economic and environmental alternative for small and medium land-owners in Patagonia,Argentina. Pasture productivity is usually the single most important factor affecting livestock carrying capacity. Therefore the prediction of the effects of tree cover(More)
The climate of the ecotone between forest and steppe in North-Western Patagonia, is of Mediterranean type, with rainy winters and dry summers. As a consequence, most of the region presents water deficits during part of the spring and all the summer. Water interactions between Pinus ponderosa Doug. (Laws) and Stipa speciosa (Trin. et Rupr.), a native grass(More)
The genetic control of tree ring growth in Douglas-fir in response to the drought and heat-wave that occurred in 2003 in Europe was studied with microdensity profiles in three clonal experiments located in three different French regions. The drought and heat-wave significantly affected Douglas-fir wood formation. The Chassenoix site (Northeast of(More)
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