Guillaume Zimmerman

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The response of respiration, photosynthesis, and calcification to elevated pCO2 and temperature was investigated in isolation and in combination in the Mediterranean crustose coralline alga Lithophyllum cabiochae. Algae were maintained in aquaria during 1 year at near-ambient conditions of irradiance, at ambient or elevated temperature (+3°C), and at(More)
Pictorial depth cues such as perspective projection, aspect ratio, and texture gradients can specify mathematically the slant of a planar surface. We performed experiments to measure the accuracy of human perception of surface slant from these cues. We calculated the perceived slant from judgments of the relative lengths of a pair of orthogonal lines(More)
We examined whether the orientation-contingent color aftereffect (the McCollough effect) could be mediated by subjective horizontal and vertical structure induced by the perception of transparency. In our experiments, red vertical bars and green horizontal bars were alternated as an adapting stimulus. After adaptation, subjects (n = 6) were asked to adjust(More)
Three experiments tested whether motion information for nonequiluminant (luminant) and equiluminant dots affects direction judgments when both types of stimuli are moving simultaneously in the same display. The motion directions for the two sets of dots were manipulated to produce four direction differences (0 degrees, 30 degrees, 60 degrees, and 90(More)
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