Guillaume Vitte

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Automatic speech analysis is currently evolving towards hybrid systems that combine both visual and acoustic information. This is due to limitations of existing acoustic-based approaches and the need for robust speech recognition systems working under extremely challenging conditions including noisy environments. We introduce in this paper a novel visual(More)
Bioenergy crops are expected to provide biomass as a replacement for fossil resources, but their impact on the water cycle is still under question. This study aimed at both quantifying the ability of bioenergy crops to use soil water and analysing the relationship between their root systems and soil water uptake. Water content was monitored continuously for(More)
It is admitted that human speech perception is a multimodal process that combines both visual and acoustic informations. In automatic speech perception, visual analysis is also crucial as it provides a complementary information in order to enhance the performances of audio systems especially in highly noisy environments. In this paper, we propose a unified(More)
We introduce in this paper a novel non-blind speech enhancement procedure based on visual speech recognition (VSR). The latter is based on a generative process that analyzes sequences of talking faces and classifies them into visual speech units known as visemes. We use an effective graphical model able to segment and label a given sequence of talking faces(More)
In this paper, a multichannel speech enhancement system is presented, dedicated to in-car communication. An experimental study of the acoustic field inside the car interior leads us to propose a hybrid beamforming algorithm, taking two frequency ranges into account, according to the multichannel noise signal coherence. While in the high frequency range, the(More)
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