Guillaume Terrasson

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The purpose of our work is to demonstrate the main contributions of Fault Detection and Identification (FDI) function implementation into Flight Critical Systems (FCS). Consequently we propose, in this paper, a method to estimate the performance of an implemented FDI function, through its modeling and simulation. This method aims to evaluate the impact of(More)
The purpose of our work presented in this paper is to propose a design process to make easier the implementation of diagnosis functions in order to improve Sensor Acquisition System efficiency into Flight Critical Systems. This process aims to evaluate the different existing diagnosis methods considering application needs and aerospace requirements and(More)
This paper exposes our method and simulation tools dedicated to embedded autonomous microsystems design and optimization. They aim at guiding designers in the choice of the components, materials, technologies and the micro system architecture. Moreover, based on an system approach, the developed tools are application dependent. They support the design(More)
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