Guillaume Sylvand

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The boundary element method has become a popular tool for the solution of Maxwell’s equations in electromagnetism. From a linear algebra point of view, this leads to the solution of large dense complex linear systems where the unknowns are associated with the edges of the mesh defined on the surface of the illuminated object. In this paper, we address the(More)
In this paper we describe an embedded iterative scheme based on the GMRES method and implemented in combination with the Fast Multipole Method for the solution of large electromagnetic scattering problems expressed in an integral formulation. In our scheme, we use a Frobenius-norm minimization preconditioner to speed-up the inner iterations, and the M-V(More)
The development of a complete chain of numerical simulation tools to predict the behaviour of complex devices is crucial in an industrial framework. Nowadays the numerical simulation is fully integrated in the design processes of the aeronautics industry. During the last decades, robust models and numerical schemes have emerged and have been implemented in(More)
A long term objective for aircraft manufacturer is the complete integration of antennas in fuselage in order to reduce the aerodynamic drag of aeronautic platforms. Performances of typical BEM/MLFMM solvers may be affected by local mesh refinements needed to connect conformal antenna models on aircraft. BEM fast direct solvers based on H-matrix are a(More)
The numerical simulation plays a key role in industrial design because it enables to reduce the time and the cost to develop new products. Because of the international competition, it is important to have a complete chain of simulation tools to perform efficiently some virtual prototyping. In this paper, we describe two components of large aeronautic(More)
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