Guillaume Sandou

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SUMMARY This paper describes a new industrial case on automation, for large-scale systems with high environmental impact: the mining ventilation control systems. Ventilation control is essential for the operation of a mine in terms of safety (CO and NO x regulation) and energy optimization. We first discuss a novel regulation architecture, highlighting the(More)
This papers proposes a novel climate control strategy for mine extraction rooms based on the receding horizon optimal control scheme. Being a model-based procedure, the development of a pertinent prediction model is one of the keystones. According to recent technological advances, we consider that distributed measurements are available and provided by a(More)
In the paper by Vaclavek et al. 2013), the local observability of both induction machine and permanent magnet synchronous machine under motion sensorless operation is studied. In this letter, the " slowly varying " speed assumption is discussed, and the permanent magnet synchronous machine observability condition at standstill is revisited.
Alternating current (AC) electrical drive control without mechanical sensors is an active research topic. This paper studies the observability of both induction machine and synchronous machine sensorless drives. Observer-based sensorless techniques are known for their deteriorated performance in some operating conditions. An observability analysis of the(More)