Guillaume Sanahuja

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—The problem of vision-based road following using a quad-rotor is addressed. The objective consists of estimating and tracking a road without a priori knowledge of such path. For this purpose, two operational regions are defined: one for the case when the road is detected, and the other one for when it is not. A switching between imaging and inertial(More)
— This paper reports current work on development and navigation control of an experimental prototype of a new tilt-rotor convertible aircraft (Quad-plane Mini Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). The goal of the work consists of estimating and tracking a road using a vision system, without any previous knowledge of the road, as well as developing an efficient(More)
Autonomous navigation of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) can be achieved with a reactive system which allows the robot to overcome all the unexpected changes in its environment. In this article, we propose a new approach to avoid frontal obstacles using known properties of the optical flow and by taking advantage of the capability of stationary flight of(More)
This paper presents a fault tolerant approach for a coaxial octorotor regarding rotor failures. A complete architecture including error detection, fault isolation and system recovery is presented. The diagnosis system is designed with a nonlinear observer to generate residuals and an inference model to evaluate them and isolate the faulty motor. Once the(More)
A real‐time localization algorithm is presented in this paper. The algorithm presented here uses an extended Kalman filter and is based on Time Difference Of Arrivals (TDOA) measurements of radio signal. The position and velocity of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) are successfully estimated in closed‐loop in real‐ time, both in hover and path following(More)
Sugarcane is a prime crop for commercial production of bioethanol and table sugar. Genetic engineering is complementing traditional breeding in sugarcane improvement. Costs and delays associated with regulatory approval for a transgenic event are substantial impediments to the commercialization of transgenic crops. Generation of intragenic sugarcane events(More)
An embedded robust nonlinear controller to stabilize a four-rotor rotorcraft in presence of crosswind is developed in this paper. A previous dynamical system of the aircraft taking in account aerodynamical effects induced by lateral wind is conceived using the Newton-Euler approach. The stability analysis and robustness with respect disturbances is proved(More)
This paper presents the development of a micro coaxial helicopter (MCR UAV) whose main characteristic is that it should be carried by an air shuttle transporter and then released in a desired place far away from the launching site, to develop surveillance missions in hover flight. A real-time embedded system is built in order to validate the proposed(More)