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Local activation of yeast ASH1 mRNA translation through phosphorylation of Khd1p by the casein kinase Yck1p.
In S. cerevisiae, the ASH1 mRNA is localized at the bud tip of late-anaphase cells, resulting in the exclusive sorting of Ash1p to the daughter cell nucleus. While the mechanism behind theExpand
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Identification of a Conserved RNA Motif Essential for She2p Recognition and mRNA Localization to the Yeast Bud
ABSTRACT In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, over twenty mRNAs localize to the bud tip of daughter cells, playing roles in processes as different as mating type switching and plasma membrane targeting. TheExpand
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Cholinergic suppression of excitatory synaptic responses in layer II of the medial entorhinal cortex
Theta‐frequency (4–12 Hz) electroencephalographic activity is thought to play a role in mechanisms mediating sensory and mnemonic processing in the entorhinal cortex and hippocampus, but the effectsExpand
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Role of the Amygdala in Antidepressant Effects on Hippocampal Cell Proliferation and Survival and on Depression-like Behavior in the Rat
The stimulation of adult hippocampal neurogenesis by antidepressants has been associated with multiple molecular pathways, but the potential influence exerted by other brain areas has received muchExpand
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Human Skin Modelling and Rendering
Creating realistic-looking skin is one of the holy grails of computer graphics and is still an active area of research. The problem is challenging due to the inherent complexity of skin and itsExpand
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Visualizing and Analyzing the Mona Lisa
As technologies for acquiring 3D data and algorithms for constructing integrated models evolve, very large data sets representing objects or environments are emerging in various application areas. AsExpand
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Layered Surface Fluid Simulation for Surgical Training
We present a novel approach to fluid simulation over complex dynamic geometry designed for the specific context of virtual surgery simulation. The method combines a surface-based fluid simulationExpand
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Real-Time Blood Circulation and Bleeding Model for Surgical Training
Intraoperative management of bleeding is a critical skill all surgeons must possess. It is, however, very challenging to create a safe and realistic learning environment for its acquisition. In thisExpand
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A framework for the registration of color images with 3D models
This paper describes an environment to automatically or semi-automatically compute the precise mapping between a set of 2D images and a triangulated 3D model built from high-resolution 3D range data.Expand
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This paper presents a set of tools developed to model, visualize and analy ze large 3D datasets built from 2D and 3D sensor data. These tools, grouped under the Atelier3D framework, first include aExpand
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