Guillaume Neveux

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Many experiments have been proposed in order to demonstrate that the "five-port" system performs a homodyne demodulation . The large bandwith of a five-port circuit is its main advantage. However, this kind of system must be calibrated for each frequency in order to carry out the inphase and quadrature demodulation. The subject of this paper is to show a(More)
This paper presents a calibrated four-channel measurement system for the characterization of nonlinear RF devices such as power amplifiers. The main goal of this study is to perform the characterization of the bandpass response of a nonlinear device-under-test (DUT) driven by modulated carriers. The proposed setup enables the generation of L- or S-band (1-4(More)
This paper investigates the impact of irregular pulsed RF signals on the pulse-to-pulse (P2P) stability of a microwave power GaN HEMT amplifier. This study is based on both the time-domain envelope measurements and nonlinear circuit envelope simulations of P2P stabilities. Measurements and simulations are performed with an irregular pulse train that(More)
Accurate measurements of time domain waveforms at microwave frequencies are performed using the harmonic sampling principle. This principle used in the large signal network analyzer (LSNA) enables to transform a measured RF spectrum into an IF spectrum which is then digitized by ADCs. Unfortunately in this principle IF spectrum bandwidth is limited to 10MHz(More)
This paper proposes a high sampling rate, 4-channel Track and Hold Amplifier based time-domain measurement setup. It achieves an equivalent high sampling rate using Coherent Time Interleaved Sampling (CTIS) technique to accurately characterize high Power amplifiers driven by repetitive pulsed RF large signal. The acquired samples are the combination of(More)
This paper deals with the two-memory path nonlinear integral model introduced previously which has shown that it accurately reproduces the nonlinear memory effects in Radio Frequency Amplifiers. Due to the relative complexity of the required measurement setup, the model presented has thus far been extracted and validated upon circuit simulations only. Here,(More)
This paper presents a calibrated measurement technique that enables phase and magnitude measurements of wideband multisines. This study is based on the use of a large-signal network analyzer (LSNA) performing harmonic sub-sampling and a fine frequency grid (20 MHz) comb generator calibrated using a high-frequency 50-GHz equivalent-time sampling scope. This(More)
The replacement of a six-port reflectometer by a five-port interferometer junction in general applications is presented. This simplification provides a considerable reduction in the time processing usually required by six-port based systems. It is also shown that the five-port system is suitable to general applications without performance degradation when(More)
The five- or six-port circuit uses one or two additional outputs in comparison with classical homodyne demodulators. This paper demonstrates that the five- or six-port technique can take advantage of this particularity. The geometrical approach allows us to represent the 3-D aspect of the five-port technique. This study in space demonstrates the natural(More)