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Desmoid-type fibromatosis (DF) is a rare monoclonal, fibroblastic proliferation characterised by a variable and often unpredictable clinical course. It may affect nearly all parts of the body including extremities, trunk and abdomen. Considering the variable clinical presentations, anatomic locations and biological behaviours, an individualised treatment(More)
For applications such as outdoor Augmented Reality (AR) or 3D City Model construction of updating, a real-time registration between a video sequence and a Geographic Information System (GIS) is required. In this work, we present a registration system using a GPS prior and a skyline matching method to estimate the camera pose from images. A skyline(More)
This paper presents a method for retrieving a corresponding map of a captured map image from a map database. Our method is inspired from LLAH based Document Image Retrieval (DIR). LLAH is a method for recognizing a point by using a LLAH feature composed of its neighbor points. Since Map Image Retrieval (MIR) is achieved by analyzing distribution of(More)
We propose a camera-tracking method by on-line learning of keypoint arrangements in augmented reality applications. As target objects, we deal with intersection maps from GIS and text documents, which are not dealt with by the popular SIFT and SURF descriptors. For keypoint matching by keypoint arrangement, we use locally likely arrangement hashing (LLAH),(More)
In recent years Augmented Reality (AR) has become more and more popular, especially since the availability of mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, brought AR into our everyday life. Although the AR community has not yet agreed on a formal definition of AR, some work focused on proposing classifications of existing AR methods or applications. Such(More)
Stereoscopic devices are widely used (immersion-based working environments, stereoscopically-viewed movies, auto-stereoscopic screens). In some instances, exposure to stereoscopic immersion techniques can be lengthy, and so eye strain sets in. We propose a method for reducing eye strain induced by stereoscopic vision. After reviewing sources of eye strain(More)
— As stereoscopic devices become widely used (immersion-based working environments, stereoscopically viewed movies, auto-stereoscopic screens, etc), exposure to stereoscopic images can become lengthy, and some eyestrain can set in. We propose a method for reducing eyestrain induced by stereoscopic vision. After reviewing sources of eyestrain linked to(More)
The practical exploitation of SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructures) raises number of issues as far as it grows. Among them is the heterogeneity of data sources and thus the difficulty for GIS users not to depend on the data source format and of course to learn different systems. This a major flaw with respect to reuse and data sharing. The purpose of our work(More)
Augmented maps have many important applications. However, no mature registration method exists to associate unprepared maps with a Geographical Information System (GIS) database which would be used to superimpose simulation results or route display on a paper map. In this paper, we propose a method called Robust Random Dot Markers (RRDM) that can robustly(More)
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