Guillaume Lesbros

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OBJECTIVE To assess the auditory performance of Digisonic(®) cochlear implant users with electric stimulation (ES) and electro-acoustic stimulation (EAS) with special attention to the processing of low-frequency temporal fine structure. METHOD Six patients implanted with a Digisonic(®) SP implant and showing low-frequency residual hearing were fitted with(More)
This paper concerns the design of an integrated circuit (IC) dedicated to monitor electrode-tissues contact (ETC). It is the main module of an implantable telemetry device. This device allows one to apply various principles of electrochemical system's studies, such as cyclic voltammetry, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, galvanostatic double pulse(More)
Following a spinal cord-injury, paraplegics suffer from bladder dysfunctions due to partial or complete rupture of sensitive and motor innervations. Stimulation of the sacral nerve root seems to be one of the most promising techniques for bladder rehabilitation as it does not require any neurotomy or rhizotomy. A new implantable neurostimulator system is(More)
This paper concerns the design of a biotelemetry device dedicated to monitor the complex impedance of the electrode-tissues contacts (ETC) on long term implantations. It consists of an implantable wireless device performing the proposed measurement technique, and an external controller supporting the bi-directional communications between a PC and the(More)
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