Guillaume Lagrange

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Numerous studies have shown that problem gambling is characterised by lack of impulse control. However, they have often been conducted without considering the multifaceted nature of impulsivity and related psychological mechanisms. The current study aims to disentangle which impulsivity facets are altered in pathological gambling. Twenty treatment-seeking(More)
The effectiveness and safety of a very low molecular weight heparin fraction were evaluated in the prevention of deep-vein thrombosis in patients confined to bed due to hemiplegia consecutive to a recent cerebral infarction. CY 222 was administered within 48 hours of the stroke by one single daily subcutaneous injection of 0.6 ml (= 15,000 U AXa IC) during(More)
A survey of investigations of linear diierential equations from the point of view of transformations is described. These investigations started in the middle of the last century and continued till the present time. Essential step was done in the fties by O. Bor uvka, who started global investigations of the second order equations. The early beginning of the(More)
Arterial endofibrosis is a disease of recent discovery which concerns high-performance athletes, predominantly competitive cyclists. The preferential location is the external iliac artery. The symptoms are diverse (pain, edema, paresthesia), always linked to an effort. The diagnosis may be delayed due to atypical symptoms in athletes. Complementary tests(More)
The authors compared the results of real time ultrasound imaging and continuous wave Doppler (Echography-Doppler with bilateral venography and ilio-cavography in the diagnosis and the follow-up of deep venous thrombosis (D.V.T.). Diagnosis of D.V.T. The value of echography-Doppler (ED) compared to venography is studied on 297 patients (590 legs) suspected(More)