Guillaume J. Filion

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Chromatin is important for the regulation of transcription and other functions, yet the diversity of chromatin composition and the distribution along chromosomes are still poorly characterized. By integrative analysis of genome-wide binding maps of 53 broadly selected chromatin components in Drosophila cells, we show that the genome is segmented into five(More)
MOTIVATION The increasing throughput of sequencing technologies offers new applications and challenges for computational biology. In many of those applications, sequencing errors need to be corrected. This is particularly important when sequencing reads from an unknown reference such as random DNA barcodes. In this case, error correction can be done by(More)
MOTIVATION Chromatin immunoprecipitation followed by high-throughput sequencing (ChIP-seq) is the standard method to investigate chromatin protein composition. As the number of community-available ChIP-seq profiles increases, it becomes more common to use data from different sources, which makes joint analysis challenging. Issues such as lack of(More)
The prediction of protein folding rates is a necessary step towards understanding the principles of protein folding. Due to the increasing amount of experimental data, numerous protein folding models and predictors of protein folding rates have been developed in the last decade. The problem has also attracted the attention of scientists from computational(More)
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