Guillaume Iooss

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Program equivalence is a well-known problem with a wide range of applications, such as algorithm recognition, program verification and program optimization. This problem is also known to be undecidable if the class of programs is rich enough, in which case semi-algorithms are commonly used. We focus on programs represented as Systems of Affine Recurrence(More)
We present a formulation, solution method, and program acceleration techniques for two dynamic control scenarios, both with the common goal of optimizing resource allocations. These approaches allocate resources in a non-myopic way, accounting for long-term impacts of current control decisions via nominal belief-state optimization (NBO). In both scenarios,(More)
Polyhedral compilers perform optimizations such as tiling and parallelization; when doing both, they usually generate code that executes " barrier-synchronized wavefronts " of tiles. We present a system to express and generate code for hybrid schedules, where some constraints are automatically satisfied through the structure of the code, and the remainder(More)
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