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OBJECTIVES To measure the levels of exposure to nitrogen trichloride (NCl3) in the atmosphere of indoor swimming pools and to examine how they relate to irritant and chronic respiratory symptoms, indices of pulmonary function, and bronchial hyperresponsiveness to methacholine in lifeguards working in the pools. METHOD 334 lifeguards (256 men; 78 women)(More)
OBJECTIVES To measure the levels of exposure to nitrogen trichloride (NCl3) and aldehydes among cleaning and disinfecting workers in the atmosphere of food industry plants during cleaning and disinfecting operations, and to examine how they relate to irritant and chronic respiratory symptoms-which are indices of pulmonary function-and bronchial(More)
The use of peroxyacetic acid (PAA) in the disinfection processes in the food industry or for medical purposes is increasing. As it is the product of the reaction of acetic acid (AA) and hydrogen peroxide (HP) and coexists with them, and given the fact that the chemical properties of these two substances are not very different from PAA, the sampling and(More)
The aim of this study was to assess the effects of work conditions on the acceptability and efficiency of respiratory protective devices (RPD). The subjective evaluation of comfort, protection, respiratory and visual constraint, and the acceptable duration of wear of six RPDs against dust was achieved by 30 workers during their actual work. Metabolic rate(More)
Two measurement campaigns aimed at measuring the air pollutant emissions of vehicles (carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, lead, benzo[a]pyrene and formaldehyde) have been carried out using on-board sampling or analysis equipment in public buses in two major French towns. The study had a double objective: (i) to assess the occupational exposure through(More)
The efficiency of a mask currently used in an inorganic pigment manufacturing plant producing suspected carcinogens was assessed and the protection provided by it was found to be insufficient. Three other masks, with better laboratory performances, were tested in field conditions. None of them reduced personal exposures to below the French limit values, and(More)
The exposure of workers to metallic catalyst dust was assessed in manufacturing and reprocessing industries, and during catalyst handling in the chemical industry. The level of exposure was found to be generally low during the manufacturing and reprocessing activities taking place in permanent installations, and extremely variable during catalyst handling(More)
PURPOSE Density of circuits and size reduction of microelectronic devices increase the sensitivity to natural terrestrial radiation environment. Atmospheric particles, mainly neutrons can cause non-destructive or destructive failures in most electronic circuits, including volatile static memories. The failure occurrence probability of a soft error in real(More)
Neuronal activation triggers local changes in blood flow and hemoglobin oxygenation. These hemodynamic signals can be recorded through functional magnetic resonance imaging or intrinsic optical imaging, and allows inferring neural activity in response to stimuli. These techniques are widely used to uncover functional brain architectures. However, their(More)
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