Guillaume Geandier

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Two synchrotron diffraction techniques, three-dimensional X-ray diffraction and Laue microdiffraction, are applied to studying the deformation behaviour of individual grains embedded in a Cu74Al23Be3 superelastic shape memory alloy. The average lattice rotation and the intragranular heterogeneity of orientations are measured during in situ tensile tests at(More)
We have developed on the DIFFABS-SOLEIL beamline a biaxial tensile machine working in the synchrotron environment for in situ diffraction characterization of thin polycrystalline films mechanical response. The machine has been designed to test compliant substrates coated by the studied films under controlled, applied strain field. Technological challenges(More)
The short-range order in liquid binary Al-rich alloys (Al-Fe, Al-Ti) was studied by x-ray diffraction. The measurements were performed using a novel containerless technique which combines aerodynamic levitation with inductive heating. The average structure factors, S(Q), have been determined for various temperatures and compositions in the stable liquid(More)
Elastic behavior of thin films studied from in situ loading of the specimen during X-ray diffraction on a synchrotron source is presented. Model nanometric multilayer W/Au systems exhibiting different microstructures were analyzed. These films are supported by a (thin) polyimide substrate. X-ray diffraction in transmission geometry was used to study the(More)
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