Guillaume Gauvrit

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Service Based Applications (SBA) running in distributed and heterogeneous environments are subject to varying constraints that can lead to fluctuations in the quality of the application. We propose a solution in the form of a distributed framework for adaptation to improve in a autonomous way the quality delivered by those applications and to maintain it(More)
Many software applications are now built from services which run on heterogeneous platforms and are accessed by several users. These environments are in constant evolution. So applications and services have to dynamically adapt in order to satisfy the quality of service required by the users. Programming adaptation facilities taking into account the(More)
The size, heterogeneity and dynamism of the execution platforms of scientific applications, like computational grids, make using those platforms complex. Furthermore, today there is no effective and relatively simple solution to the programming of these applications independently of the target architectures. Using the master-worker paradigm in software(More)
The dynamism and scale of the infrastructure of the Internet of Services bring new needs to build autonomous services. These services have to be able to self-adapt to the variation of the environment. Moreover, these adaptations may span across multiple services and thus have to be coordinated, without breaking their autonomy. To this end we describe in(More)
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