Guillaume Gateau

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In this paper a new three-level (3L) voltage source converter is presented. This new topology called Stacked Neutral Point Clamped (3L-SNPC) increases the apparent switching frequency compared with other 3L structures (3L-Stacked Cells, 3L-Neutral Point Clamped and 3L-Active NPC). This advantage leads to a better balancing of total losses in power switches(More)
The efficiency of power conversion is an important factor to design static converters. The paper is focused on the calculus of total losses of 3L-NPC and 3L-Active-NPC converters for different PWM strategies. The calculus was made in the most critical operating points when certain switches have the biggest total losses. Different modulation functions have(More)
A new 5-level non-differential PFC topology with fault tolerant capability is presented and compared to known structures. It is derived from a 3-level double-boost PFC. The series-connection of the two low-voltage switching-cells decoupled by a single flying capacitor provides a fault-tolerant capability and a post failure operation increasing the(More)