Guillaume Gateau

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This paper details the digital implementation of a new observation strategy of the flying capacitor voltages dedicated to stacked multicell converters (SMC). This particular topology relies on the use of flying capacitors so as to equally share the voltage constraint on several semiconductors and increase the number of output levels. However, the SMC(More)
The multicell converters introduced more than ten years ago make it possible to distribute the voltage constraints among series-connected switches and to improve the output waveforms (increased number of levels and apparent frequency). The balance of the constraints requires an appropriate distribution of the flying voltages. This paper presents some(More)
Pulsewidth modulation (PWM) strategies and methods for multilevel converters are usually developed for series converters. One of the aims of this paper is to show that they may be applied to parallel converters using interleaving techniques, given that these converters also have multilevel characteristics. PWM methods based on carriers’ disposition and on(More)
The efficiency of power conversion is an important factor to design static converters. The paper is focused on the calculus of total losses of 3L-NPC and 3L-Active-NPC converters for different PWM strategies. The calculus was made in the most critical operating points when certain switches have the biggest total losses. Different modulation functions have(More)
In this paper a new three-level (3L) voltage source converter is presented. This new topology called Stacked Neutral Point Clamped (3L-SNPC) increases the apparent switching frequency compared with other 3L structures (3L-Stacked Cells, 3L-Neutral Point Clamped and 3L-Active NPC). This advantage leads to a better balancing of total losses in power switches(More)
In more-electrical aircraft, most of the flight surfaces are equipped with electro-hydrostatic actuators. A high reliability is mandatory, combined to fault-handling strategies for the VS inverter, which is a part of crucial importance of this equipment, controlling the power flows and the performances. The proposed topology uses a safe fourth-leg connected(More)
In this paper, the operation and the features of a new three-level converter are presented. The proposed topology was named three-level active-stacked neutral point clamped (3L-ASNPC). It is a derivative of the 3L-SNPC structure, having two additional active switches connected antiparallel with the clamp diodes. The main advantage of 3L-ASNPC converter is(More)