Guillaume Garcia

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A series of polyamine-porphyrin conjugates bearing two (cis or trans position) or four units of spermidine or spermine was synthesized. We studied the binding of these cationic porphyrins to calf thymus DNA by the means of UV-vis spectroscopy and we investigated their ability to cleave plasmid DNA in the presence of light. DNA binding and DNA photocleavage(More)
Porphyrin-polyamine conjugates bearing two (cis or trans position) or four spermidine or spermine units were synthesized. We studied the photostability, the hydrophilic/lipophilic balance of porphyrin-polyamine derivatives and the production of singlet oxygen. All these compounds possess physicochemical features required for their use in PDT. Then, we(More)
This paper reports the synthesis of new chlorin-polyamine conjugates designed to improve the targeting of cancer cells. Photocytotoxic activity of these photosensitizers was tested against human chronic myelogenous leukemia cells (K562) and compared to the effects of Photofrin II and chlorin e6.
The 2-methoxy derivative of estradiol is currently in Phase II clinical trial as an anticancer agent while the 4-methyl derivative has been shown to interact with cytoplasmic and nuclear estrogen receptors in rat pituitary gland and hypothalamus. We hypothesize that the 16alpha-(18)F-analogs of these estrogens could be suitable radiotracers to evaluate(More)
An efficient five-step synthesis method was developed to obtain tritolylporphyrin and protoporphyrin IX polyamine conjugates. These compounds were composed of either one polyamine unit (spermidine or spermine) covalently tethered to monocarboxyphenyl tritolylporphyrin or two molecules of polyamines borne by protoporphyrin IX. In each compound, an aliphatic(More)
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