Guillaume Demarcq

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The aim of this paper is to define an extension of the analytic signal for a color image. We generalize the construction of the so-called monogenic signal to mappings with values in the vectorial part of the Clifford algebra ℝ5,0. Solving a Dirac equation in this context leads to a multiscale signal (relatively to the Poisson scale-space) which contains(More)
We use in this paper the formalism of Clifford algebras to define the so-called Color Monogenic Signal associated to a color image. It consists in a function with values in the Clifford algebra &#x211D;<inf>5,0</inf> that codes color (RGB) and geometric structures information. Using geometric calculus, a notion of local color phase is introduced,(More)
In this paper, we present an interactive algorithm for segmentation of color images. The user first draws some scribbles into regions that must be discriminated, and the segmentation is then automatically obtained. The segmentation is based on the computation of geodesic distances within color monogenic signal (CMS) fields. An important difference with(More)
We report the case of a patient who was admitted in hospital for evaluation of a superior vena cava thrombosis. The patient exhibited an activated protein C resistance due to an arginine-506 mutation in factor V. Thoracic CT-scan showed a non-compressive complete superior vena cava thrombosis. Other investigations revealed a pleural effusion associated with(More)
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