Guillaume Dardenne

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The author reports a case of bilateral traumatic carotid-cavernous fistulae successfully treated by cervical carotid surgery alone. The right fistula was presumably cured by the thrombotic process induced by muscle embolization and carotid ligation (Brooks method). The left shunt was selectively obliterated by controlled embolization with preservation of(More)
Two cases of calvarium sarcoma with intracranial extension, consecutive to Paget disease of the skull are presented. The neurosurgical implications of this rare complication of a common disease are reviewed. In both cases, the symptoms of malignant degeneration were unspecific and blurred by the presence of a well-known Paget disease. Increasing headaches,(More)
The risk of dislocation after THA reportedly is minimized if the acetabular implant is oriented at 45 degrees inclination and 15 degrees anteversion with respect to the anterior pelvic plane. This reference plane now is used in computer-assisted protocols. However, this static approach may lead to postoperative instability because the dynamic variations of(More)
In this paper, we present a novel approach for tracking a deformable anatomical target within 3D ultrasound volumes. Our method is able to estimate deformations caused by the physiological motions of the patient. The displacements of moving structures are estimated from an intensity-based approach combined with a physically-based model and has therefore the(More)
This paper describes a fast procedure for the calibration of an ultrasound (US) probe using a 3D optical localizer. This calibration step allows us to obtain the 3D position of any point located on the 2D ultrasonic (US) image. To carry out correctly this procedure, a phantom of known geometric properties is probed and these geometries are found in the US(More)