Guillaume Chevrot

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In the present work, we propose a simple model-free approach for the computation of molecular diffusion tensors from molecular dynamics trajectories. The method uses a rigid body trajectory of the molecule under consideration, which is constructed a posteriori by an accumulation of quaternion-based superposition fits of consecutive conformations. From the(More)
This paper addresses the question to which extent anisotropic atomic motions in proteins impact angular-averaged incoherent neutron scattering intensities, which are typically recorded for powder samples. For this purpose, the relevant correlation functions are represented as multipole series in which each term corresponds to a different degree of intrinsic(More)
We present a combined molecular dynamics and kinetic study of a carbon cluster aggregation process in thermodynamic conditions relevant for the detonation products of oxygen deficient explosives. Molecular dynamics simulations with the LCBOPII potential under gigapascal pressure and high temperatures indicate that (i) the cluster motion in the detonation(More)
We propose a rigorous method for removing rigid-body motions from a given molecular dynamics trajectory of a flexible macromolecule. The method becomes exact in the limit of an infinitesimally small sampling step for the input trajectory. In a recent paper [G. Kneller, J. Chem. Phys. 128, 194101 (2008)], one of us showed that virtual internal atomic(More)
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